Covington International

We invest in cryptocurrencies that are built atop a distributed ledger technology (DLT) called blockchain. In short, blockchain is a digital log of transactions that cannot be corrupted nor controlled by a single entity. Put simply, we believe that blockchain is the future of financial transactions.

Covington International is a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who utilize advanced tools to invest in digital currencies with large upside. We invest our own money into the same funds we carefully manage for our clients. The large barrier to entry along with the expertise needed to execute secure transactions is what inspired CI to enter the cryptocurrency investment space. Let our portfolio of products offer you the opportunity and resources needed to properly fund your cryptocurrency investments.

Chandler Dove - CEO/Co-Founder

Chandler is the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Covington International. He has always had a passion for numbers, financial investing and helping others succeed. Early in his career, he worked at Sysco for 13 years becoming one of the youngest employees to reach the level of Director in the fortune 100 company. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and Marketing and a minor in Business Management. Chandler has been successfully investing in cryptocurrency since April of 2016.

Daniel Kunz - COO/Co-Founder

Daniel is a co-founder of Covington International with an active role as the Chief Operating Officer. Daniel started his business career in 2005 when he started an emergency preparedness company distributing survival kits and disaster relief, which he named Guardian Survival Gear. From humble beginnings, Guardian has emerged as a leader in the preparedness industry, shipping millions of survival kits and emergency products to all parts of the world, becoming an Inc. 5000 company. Daniel has invested in other successful ventures with his current focus on cryptocurrency. Daniel is an integral player in developing an investment strategy specific to cryptocurrency.

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